Mission and Role

The Japan Academic Association for Copyright Clearance (JAACC) was established to protect the copyrights of the member organizations, including publishers whose purpose is academic researches and the development of them, and to facilitate the use of academic works and promote benefits common to the members and users. Its activities are as follows:

  1. Licensing for the use of works, such as copying of academic works, and agency for management of works
  2. Agency for collection of copying royalties related to copyrights of academic and other works, allocation of royalties to copyright holders, and performance of all incidental affairs

To achieve the purpose, JAACC is carrying out investigations, researches and enlightenment activities concerning methods for collective administration of copyrights of academic works and methods for dissemination of knowledge on copyright.

Moreover, JAACC is introducing academic information into overseas, such as the status and results of academic researches in Japan. In addition, since 1989, JAACC has carried out collective treatment of reprographic rights of foreign academic works in Japan.

The number of works whose copyrights were entrusted to JAACC, including those entrusted to Japanese and foreign organizations, was more than 700,000 in FY2006.

The publishers and titles of them are always available at the website of JAACC.

Moreover, users in Japan can promptly and legally deal with copyrights of the latest dissertations and documents necessary for their occupations as if these were their own works.

Some of the works whose rights have been entrusted to JAACC can be computerized and kept in users’ computers as PDF files. Such works can be checked at the website of JAACC.

The number of companies to which JAACC gave license in FY2006 was more than 3,000, including Japanese companies that have influence on various industrial fields.

With regard to overseas activities, JAACC concluded a bilateral agreement with the Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC) in the US in 1999. Users in the US can, through CCC, carry out the procedure for licensing the copying of Japanese works whose copyrights have been entrusted to JAACC.

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